My Big Tatas

I was supposed to meet a friend of a friend once for some sports-related matter.  My friend Amy described her to me the best she could:  short, pretty, blonde hair, super high voice….  I easily recognized her the minute I got to the game.  A few weeks later I saw Amy and we talked about how her friend and I met and how she described her well.  Amy said, “Oh yeah- she also asked me how I was going to recognize you and I just said ‘look for the one with the big tatas!’”

Oh how perfect”, I thought.

You see, I’ve always hated my enormous breasts.  They have haunted me for as long as I remember.  For the longest time, they represented that one part of my sexuality that I hated.  They didn’t make me feel sexy, just bloated- like I had two painful balloons just bursting out of my chest.

Do I love them now?  Working on it…  I asked myself why I hated them and realized it’s because I was just sooo above average in size (DDD or E on a bad day).  That’s big!  When I was in high school I begged my Mom to take me to a cosmetic surgeon to discuss a breast reduction.  She obliged- she had witnessed my struggles and understood it herself since she is similarly well-endowed.  We learned I wouldn’t be able to breastfeed (mind you, this was in the 80′s and I think they’ve improved the surgery) since they couldn’t properly reattach the ducts.  I’m thankful I was grown-up enough to predict this would be a devastating ability to lose when I did have children.  He also told me the woman he saw before was truly the definition of BIG breasts- she was a MM.  Pretty sure I didn’t even know that size could possibly exist.  I left there feeling just a little big LESS well-endowed that day.

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